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The Job Zone is a resource for employers, recruiters, and placement agencies to find and contact qualified applicants. Job Zone is an aggregator of jobs posted online.

How does Job Zone work?
Employers, Recruiters, and Placement Agencies invite applicants to apply for a position through the network of Job Zone online job applications. Once the applicant applies he or she is contacted by the employer or recruiter who invited him or her to apply.

How does Job Zone benefit employers and recruiters?
Job Zone offers strong management and organizational tools to employers and recruiters. These tools help make the recruitment process much more efficient.

How does Job Zone benefit Job Seekers?
Job Zone makes the hiring process much more efficient and streamlined which helps Job Seekers receive responses faster from employers.

Does Job Zone cost anything to use?
No Job Zone is 100% free the Job Seekers. Job Zone is paid for by employers, recruiters, and advertisers.

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