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If there is something called a right time to invest here, it is ‘NOW’.


Is it worthable investing in Visakhapatnam ?
Yes! as the Real Estate market is booming up in Visakhapatnam City and sourroundings, many Real Estate Ventures have been started here, many companies have come in from NRIs. Its really worth Investing in Visakhpatnam

Why Investing on Visakhapatnam?

Explosive growth in industrial and development sectors placed this city in the radar of many an organisation, right from the government to the IT industry; the media moguls to the supermarket chains; the export industry to the tourism department!

  • While the central and state governments allotted 2,600 crores for infrastructure development, the IT hotties like Satyam, WIPRO, TCS, Kenexa already became a part of the race and are employing people by the thousands.
  • While The Apparel Park is under construction with a government investment of 26 crores in 146 acres of land and 23 individual entrepreneurs, Sri Lanka based company Brandix is going to set up a Garment City in about 200 acres of land.
  • The deepest natural port in the sub continent is yet to come up at Gangavaram.
  • A Knowledge Corridor is on its way to existence to add to the city’s 25 or more Engineering, Medical and Management Colleges paving way for elite institutions like IIIT and more.
  • And what’s more, Reliance decides to become a part of the revolution too, and sets up a chain of 14 retail outlets and Aditya Birla Group, smelling competition, rushed in to set up 12 of its retail stores named “More...” (popularly dubbed as India’s Wal-Mart).
  • Multiplexes are the next advent and not less than ‘8’ are on the line with over 12 lakh sq. feet of built up space. The advent of 6 radio stations and several media channels and newspapers in the city, the new theatres and several hangout joints and pubs are a symbol of changing Life Styles in the city.
  • The Biggest Bait: Andhra Pradesh plans to set up one of the biggest special development zones (SDZ) with spectacular infrastructure development. Several mega integrated petrochemical complexes and refineries will be set up like never before in a single corridor that extends across the coast from Vizag to Kakinada, over 603 sq kms near Vizag. Over Rs.3 lakh crore (US$ 85.75 bln) investment has been made in the PCPIR (petroleum, chemicals and petrochemicals investment region) and almost half the investment outlay-US$41 bln has been committed so far.

In September 2000, the A.P. government had received the Centre's approval for developing the SEZ with specialised infrastructure in the Vizag-Kakinada belt. The onsite facilities include industrial, residential and commercial land, power, internal roads, water supply and sewerage facilities and telecommunications. The offsite facilities include supporting infrastructure such as port and airport connectivity, road and rail access.

Vizag, in the realtor’s point of view:
The N.E.W.S. Phenomenon: Vizag has been in news, a lot lately as it its growing in all fronts and all fours, in all directions!

  • North: The IT industrial hub and the knowledge corridor towards Madhurwada, and a hospital chain with about 38 hospitals towards Mudasallova.
  • East:   The Garment City at Pendurthi
  • South: The SEZ with several mega integrated petrochemical refineries and the Gangavaram Port.
  • West:   The Apparel Park towards Atchutapuram, Gajuwaka.

Vizag’s realty is growing at an astonishing rate of 35% p.a. in sync with the fact that the city is the 5th fastest growing city in India, and a would be Metropolitan by the year 2010.
Housing Projects are on a raise in the city, owing to the projected rate of population of 50 lakhs by 2010. 42% of the current population (>30 lakhs) have a Per Capita Income of over 60,000 p.a., of which a meagre 14,000 own houses. A 600 acre Vuda Housing project, NCL Housing Project, A.P housing project, Aditya Builders mega project etc. are some of the mega events on the real estate side, but the fact that these will satisfy the needs of exploding working population remains contradictory. The mega industries like HPCL, Steel Plant, Hind. Zinc Ltd., Naval Dockyard etc, produce about 800 top notch employees every year, each looking for alternative permanent homes. If this surprised you, there is more! There is an immediate housing need of 5000 homes to the employees of incoming IT/ITES/Manufacturing companies!
It comes at no surprise now, that the price of commercial properties which sold at Rs.2,200/sq.ft now six months ago mow sell at Rs.2,800! Prices of brand new apartments start at Rs.1200/sq.ft and no less! The prices are only going to grow as is the city, which has seen an unprecedented growth of 23.6% in the last 6 months itself! Of course, what goes unsaid is the fact that the working population is going to increase two-fold as is it’s per capita.
Surely, this is an opportunity worth cashing on…

Which all Layouts are available and can i contact you for information?

Yes! you can surely contact us and we can refer you few companies which are running layout process and you can negotiate with them.

Can i post my requirement if required on your website?

Yes! we have kept this for your purpose only, you can post your requirement and someone will definitely get in touch with you and give you the details.

Is there any Charges for posting up of information like Buy, Sell, Rent / Lease?

This website is Absolutely FREE! there is no charge involved in posting of information however i fyou are interested in postage of advertisements in our special location then that would be charged for more information on this you can contact us and we would be happy to assist you on it.


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Real estate vizag, vizag real estate information buy, sell, rent, properties vizag

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